LOTMAXX Stampante High Precision DIY Desktop Imprimante 3D Printer with Filament

Product Specifications:
Type: FDM 3D Printer
Nozzle Quantity: Single 
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm / Can switch to 0.3/0.2mm 
Nozzle Temperature: 0 to 260 degree 
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm 
Print Speed: 180mm/s (MAX) 
Platform Temperature: Room temperature up to 100 degree 
Supporting Material: ABS/PLA/TPU/Wood
Material Diameter: 1.75mm 
Language: English/French/German/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Chinese 
File Format: AMF/OBJ/STL 
XY-axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.012mm 
Z-axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004mm 
Working Power: Input: AC 100-120V-6A / 200-240V-3.4A, output: 24V, 14.6A 
Host Computer Software: Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D 
System Support: XP, WIN7, MAC 
Voltage Range: 100-120V / 200-240V 
Connector Type: SD card,USB
Print size: 235x235x320mm
models as the machine is still printing after running out of filaments
Easy to stick to the printing platform without gluing and easy to remove
Meanwell power supply is selected to ensure the safety and low fault of printing
SC-20 can proveide the super-large forming size of 235*235*320, giving you more creative space
Support for filament shutdown detection and alarm, to avoid waste of materials and scrapping of models as the machine is still printing after running out of filaments

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