HUAFAST 3D Printer HS-Mini S High Resolution Enclosed Chassis Big Size 200x200x200mm Build Area Support 1.75mm PLA ABS PETG Wood TPU Flexible Filament for School Education Family Maker DIY Liker

Forming Principle:FDM
Frame:sheet metal
Nozzle Size:0.4mm(compatible all MK8 nozzles,include,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5mm size)
Material Diameter:1.75mm
Product Size:380mm*370mm*450mm
Printing Size:200x200x200
Nozzle Temperature:0-260
Heat Bed Temperature:0-110
Product Weight:16kg
Connection:USB,Micro SD Card/TF Card
Section Software:Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify-3D
File Type:stl/obj/dae/gcode
Screen Language:English/Spanish/Russian/German/Italian/Chinese

1.Magnetic plateform,easy to reomve model F
2.Power-Failure resume
3.Filament run out warning

Students,DIY maker,Designer,Engineer,School Education.

STRONG STABILITY:Integrated sheet metal body,Smooth bears and rods,High torque stepper motor,upgraded MK8 extruder,The main motherboard contained 32 bits ARM core,A4988 motor drivers,3.2 inch touch screen,Integrated heating bed,220V touch power switch.
MULTI-MATERIALS:Enclosed environment,and high temperature heating bed,support PLA,ABS,PETG,HIPS,TPU,RUBBER,FLEXIBLE,WOOD,CARBON FIBER Filaments
FILAMENT RUN OUT WARNING & RESUME PRINT:When filament run out ,it will auto pause and utter a sound,when you replace the new filament,and continue to print . The printer is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste.
REMOVE EASILY:Using magnetic bed surface for easy model removal . Easily remove the magnetic print surface from the hotbed and remove models with no spatula or razor necessary.
WARRANTY AFTER-SALES: 12 Months Warranty ,We provide original part for after sale.and will provide professional customer service within 24 hours.

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