Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer — Newest V4 Version Lattice Glass Heat Bed Aluminum Extrusion Frame Filament Run Out Sensor Power Failure Recovery Quiet 3D Printing

Product Description:

Sidewinder-X1 is a 3D printer with power panic, quiet stepper drivers, direct drive extrusion, filament runout sensor, dual Z system, AC heating platform, touch screen.


Frame: Aluminum Extrusion
Layer Resolution: 0.1mm
XYZ Positioning Accuracy:0.05mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm
Printing Filament: PLA, ABS, TPU, Flexible Materials
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Extruder Type: Titan Extruder (Direct Drive)
Maximum Build Plate Temperature: 130°C
Power Requirement: 110V – 240V, 600W max (with the heated bed turned on)
Connectivity: USB, TF Card, USB Stick
Control Board: MKS Gen L
Nozzle Type: Volcano
Maximum Print Speed: 150 mm/s
Maximum Travel Speed: 250mm/s
Build Volume: 11.81″ x 11.81″ x 15.75″ / 300 x 300 x 400 mm
Machine Dimensions:
21.65″ x 15.94″ x 25.20″ / 550 x 405 x 640 mm (L x W x H)
21.65″ x 15.94″ x 34.25″ / 550 x 405 x 870 mm (L x W x H) (with spool holder)
Shipping Box Dimensions:
30.71″ x 21.26″ x 9.84″ / 780 x 540 x 250 mm (L x W x H)
Machine Weight: 493.84oz / 14kg
Standard: US

Package Include:

1 x 3D Printer


1. Adjust the print version first when you use it
2. After the printing is completed, do not directly turn off the power of the machine. Instead, the cooling fan of the extrusion head should continue to work in order to quickly lower the temperature, so as to avoid the blockage caused by thermal expansion. Turn on the cooling fan again after heating.
3. Do not heat the extrusion head for a long time without using the printer.

1. Power Failure Protection — Continue printing from the position where the last print was stopped during the power failure, and you can stop the continuous operation or power off.
2. AC Heating Platform — For quick heating, easy to remove print models and save on masking tape.
3. Synchronized Dual Z System — Make sure both side of the gantry move ups and downs the same height and at the same speed, ensure the X carriage always move parallel to the build plate, even when one of the Z-stepper breaks down.
4. Direct Drive Extruder — With Titan Extruder, it makes your printer more reliable, especially for flexible filaments.
5. Easy to Use — The 3D printer is easy to install and remove, touch screen control makes it easy to use.

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